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Remember our shop or other vocational teachers?
Mr Snell, metal shop teacher, felt he had to give me a swat at the end of the year. Only because he didn't see me do anything wrong all semester, or I was the only one in that class whose name was...
Last Post: Jul 24th 2017
Author: Jerryb
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Another Remember When...
The entire Social Science Seminar class was (fictionally) wiped out, except for Craig Fabbi? Made Mr. Mills (where is he now?) do a double take.
Last Post: Oct 16th 2012
Author: idclady1
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Sr Cottam let us go to Winchell's
Our Spanish teacher, Sr Cottam, would let a couple of us drive to Winchell's Doughnuts to get doughnuts for the class. But, we were required to make the request in Spanish which included use of...
Last Post: Oct 13th 2012
Author: lawfox
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Have we no writers? Okay, I'll start: Dr. Cram's Mickey Mouse T-shirt.
All I gotta say: he never wore it when he was principal at Western.
Last Post: Sep 26th 2012
Author: mareish
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