"Thank you for this incredible opportunity!!! This is truly an amazing honor! I am ready to begin life's next chapter and make my mark at UNLV. I will be attending UNLV's Honors College in the fall and living on campus in the Honor's house! Thank you again! I won't let class of 72 down!! "
Tearra Camacho

Our class established a scholarship fund several years ago. To date, seven $1,000 scholarships have been awarded. We look for students with great financial need and who may not have a stellar GPA. Our latest recipients include a female student who lived in public housing with a single mother.

Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 to fund the scholarship for the next 5 years. Donations go through the Public Education Foundation and are tax deductible.

Clink the link below. In the box that says other type in Clark HS class 72 Scholarship. 
Please consider helping with this committee.